Man Cave Essentials Every Dad NEEDS!

Being a father is a full time job. We’re providers, teachers, friends, mentors, lovers and shoulders to cry on. There’s no more noble vocation, and we love every moment of it, but sometimes we need a safe place where we can be alone to relax and unwind, leaving our  worries, anxieties and responsibility at the door if only for a few minutes out of the day. Hey, even Superman needed his Fortress of Solitude. Of course, not every home has the space to give every Dad his ultimate dream cave, but it’s still important to have a space to call your own.

Whether your man cave is a fully functioning dude lair in your garage, attic or spare room or whether it’s just a corner of your apartment to call your own it’s important to bedeck it with awesome kit to facilitate your fun and relaxation. Here are some essentials that every self-respecting man cave deserves.

Ceiling mounted speed bag

After a long and stressful day at work, wailing on a speed bag is a fantastic way of letting off steam while giving yourself a great cardiovascular workout. While a heavy punching bag might be great to let off steam, your family won’t be too thankful for the noise (and even less so when it falls taking a chunk of your ceiling with it). This unobtrusive little gem gives you the best of both worlds while taking up minimal space.

Corksickle beer chillers

A nice cold beer is a great way to unwind at the end of the day, but warm beer?!? There’s a special place in Hell for that! If your man cave is ostentatious enough to have its own refrigerator that’s great, but if not, these little gadgets go from the freezer to your drink keeping it cool from the first sip to the last.

A foosball table

If you’ve got some buddies round on a rainy Saturday afternoon, then a fun, fast paced competitive game where you can all gather round a table to laugh and joke is a great way to kill some time.And, let’s be honest your options are limited to either foosball or ping pong and foosball is far less likely to result in damage from wayward paddles and balls. The 48” foosball table available at is big on fun without eating up precious space in your room. You’ll be able to enjoy your time with your friends without having to explain to the wife why you put a dent in the wall working on your power serve.

A recliner

Forever immortalized by Chandler and Joey in Friends, a good recliner is the ultimate way to relax as you read, watch a movie or enjoy a quiet drink to some of your favorite music. There are many manufacturers of great recliners but La-Z-Boy recliners are still the gold standard. Their stylish appearance and plethora of features (including heat, massage, lumbar support, USB connectivity and the famous armrest refrigerator). There’s absolutely no better way to relax in comfort.