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5 House Plans Features That Your Dad Will Love

Most dads are all practical when it comes to building a home and what they want in a home. A typical answer could be a quiet street, low crime rates, quality construction materials and everything on his list. We have also asked around and we have found out that there are almost 5 great things every man of the house secretly desires in the design of their houses.

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Man Cave Essentials Every Dad NEEDS!

Being a father is a full time job. We’re providers, teachers, friends, mentors, lovers and shoulders to cry on. There’s no more noble vocation, and we love every moment of it, but sometimes we need a safe place where we can be alone to relax and unwind, leaving our  worries, anxieties and responsibility at the door if only for a few minutes out of the day.

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Add Some Flavor And Excitement To Your Life As A Dad

When you become a dad, it’s so easy to get caught up in fatherhood that everything else takes a backseat. This is natural and it happens to all parents at some point. There is nothing wrong with this, and you do need to make sure you spend time raising your kids as well as you can. But, you also need...

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