5 House Plans Features That Your Dad Will Love

Fathers are born with greatness providing all the things kids and spouse want. From leisure stuff to the kitchen, the playroom to the garage, all these matters to an awesome dad. Moms appear to be more practical when choosing home designs, features and the likes. Moms also love functional spaces while kids like to play. But what does Dad wants when you ask him what he wants? Typically he might say, "nothing" right? Well, sometimes that's not the case. Dads know what he wants and what to say, so let's do him a favor.                                                                                                            

Of course, most dads are all practical when it comes to building a home and what they want in a home. A typical answer could be a quiet street, low crime rates, quality construction materials and everything on his list. We have also  asked around and we have found out that there are almost 5 great things every man of the house secretly desires in the design of their houses


A garage that can be used as a playground     


A garage is a haven for most dads. It’s a place to keep your car and a handy place to store mechanical stuff and the likes. We all know that almost all dads love garages as their escape- a space to work on projects, DIY or work on classic cars, or even just relax watching a game. For dads like these, you will need something bigger than a two-garage without windows. You can look for modern house plans that cater to garages that have enough size capable of having a workshop. You can opt for a massive garage that allows you to have a large room for just about anything you would like to do. Make sure that lighting is considered too.


 A recreational room for a dad 


Dads like to invite friends over for board games, poker or enjoy darts with friends. Choose a house plan that has an amazing entertainment room. A spacious entertainment room with a quaint bar perfectly suited to a board game.                                                                                                                             

A great home theater


No dad can refuse an ultimate home theater. If you have a dad, or you are a dad yourself that is sports indulges and a movie addict, you will enjoy a room that gives you enough space not only for lounging but also for audio and video equipment and the like. You can even put up a media library and luxurious extra like wine counter or a popcorn machine. If this is you or your dad, it will give you everything you need to have for your favorite house in style.                                                                                                 

 A cigar lounge is also one of the top lists for dads and it's not surprising. This has been known as their original man cave. 


A place for relaxation


Whether you will fill it with large recliners or a beverage counter, the den is the Dad's place for a nice getaway. A nice room fill with dad’s precious equipment is such a sanctuary. You can use the flex room just away from the kitchen to relive your favorite hobbies or occupy a simple room to relax and unwind.


  A space for a fitness enthusiast  

A home gym is essential for every dad. Access to a private patio or extra house features that give an excellent outdoor feel can cool down every dad after a workout.  An extra space for storage that lets you keep weights and another small piece that you can’ store inside your house. Home gyms that have featured attached bathrooms allow you to relax and refresh after work or a tough routine. 


Small space converted to a multi-function area                                                                                                                          

A tiny house works for some families. Some create a multi-function are that are used in many ways. Beds can sometimes take up the most memories in your home, so it is natural to find a way to make bedrooms convertible to a big-space saver that every dad can plan.                                    

Most of the dads prioritize bedding and sleeping spaces for their kids. They even look for furniture and designs with multiple functions. Many of the furniture ideas are commonly used for apartments and other small spaced corners that are suitable for any tiny homes.  You can sometimes find convertible furniture at home stores like IKEA.                  

 Dads are aware that when their possessions need to get squeezed into a tiny house, you can add a feature to create more space.




We all know that every dad is unique and they want a place to call their own. A house plans that have customs built designs to ensure that dads and everyone can have exactly what they want for a house. From a room converted to an office space to a room designed to flex their muscles and unwind.  Careful planning should be done from the start.   

If dads can’t find their perfect spot in a home, they will create one or at least hire somebody else to do it for them.