3 Ways to Make Your Small Kitchen Look Bigger


One of the most common complaints among homeowners is that their kitchen is too small for their households. After all, it needs to store food, dishes, and appliances while having enough room to cook. We’ve all experienced those kitchens which feel cramped and are difficult to make room in. Kitchens are the centerpiece of a house and luckily with a few tricks can feel much bigger than it actually is.

Below are three easy methods to make the most of your small kitchen.


Contrast & Colour

Colour plays a key role in the way that we perceive the size of a space. For instance, lighter colours will open up the space and make it seem more airy and spacious by making the cabinets and appliances blend in better with the the walls. Creams, whites, and similar tones are probably your best bet when battling a small kitchen because of this reason while also reflecting light. The idea colour scheme is to either keep everything monochromatic, or at the very least keep walls, cabinet, and appliance colour in the same colour family in order to keep a low contrast space. So be sure to avoid dramatic changes in colour. This will only make the room seem even smaller because it divides the room off into smaller sections.

Paints with a glossy finish should also be considered for these kitchens because they better reflect light. And don’t forget that light should always be a priority when making a small room seem bigger because it is crucial in creating the illusion of space. Don’t underestimate the effect that this will have on yourself and guests either; it will make for a more relaxing space that people are able to feel comfortable in.



Decor is equally as important for a small kitchen as it is for a large one. On one hand a well-decorated kitchen has character which makes it a welcoming environment, but a small kitchen also requires strategic decorating in order to maximize the space’s functionality. One of the key rules is to avoid items which do not serve a purpose. Decorative furniture and knick-knacks add character to larger kitchens but in smaller rooms all they do is take up space. The more you put into a small kitchen the more cramped it will feel, making you and your loved ones uncomfortable.

There are two key ideas that you should stick to for your decorating. The first is to find sleek and minimalist furniture. Bulky furniture has the same effect as unnecessary items, while the smallest option possible preserves valuable room. For instance, consider stools around your kitchen table instead of chairs because they tend to cultivate a more spacious atmosphere thanks to the fact that they are more slight while typically placing emphasis on height rather than floorspace. Pursue these qualities.

The second recommended approach for your small kitchen is to decorate with your cooking tools! Don’t be afraid to install a pot and pan rack, or even a magnetic knife strip above your sink. Not only will it add character to your kitchen, but it also ensures that your kitchen is a useable and functional room.

Kitchen, Island


If you are able to do a little bit of kitchen remodelling, it might be beneficial to make modifications to the appliances and cabinets in your kitchen. This basically means downsizing these features of your kitchen in order to maximize what you’re working with. Shallow cabinets and cupboards are a great place to start with your downsizing. You still get to keep your storage space while also increasing the floor space of your kitchen, and short of extending your whole kitchen, this is one of the few methods of actually gaining more space in the room.

The same principle holds true when it comes to appliances, with the most significant one being the fridge. Many homeowners may find themselves hesitant to lower the capacity of their fridge, but the truth is that many of us have larger fridges than we need in the first place. After all, many of us has had that common experience of finding expired food at the back of the fridge that we forgot about. If this happens to you more than once, you probably have a larger fridge than you need. Just remember that downsizing does not mean downgrading. You will end up with a more usable and welcoming kitchen by doing this.


Your Kitchen And You

Kitchens are the centerpiece of a house, but even a small kitchen can still leave a positive and lasting impression. Kitchens house so much of your home-life that it is crucial to ensure it is a comfortable space to spend time in. Any of these tips will help you create the kitchen that you would always wanted. If you find yourself looking for more ideas, look for advice from experts.