5 Household Uses for Air Compressors

Quincy Portable Air Compressor

Air. It’s all around us, and while this life-giving gas is a must-have for survival, it can also enrich your quality of life by helping dispatch odd jobs and projects. We’re talking, of course, about compressed air.

The ability to pressurize air and use the stored energy to do work has made the air compressor a favorite tool of everyone from contractors to mechanics to dentists for decades. These days, you can purchase an air compressor for your home at a very affordable price. Here are some reasons you might want to.


You’ve Got the Power

Air power, that is! Compressed air can drive all manner of power tools, from drills to nail guns to orbital sanders.

Using compressed air, you'll draw less power from the grid — which means a lower electricity bill — and you'll also avoid the weight penalty of power tools that need to incorporate a motor or battery. Even better, air-powered devices are not weak. You'll get professional-grade grunt, even though it's just compressed air doing the work. Just make sure you understand how to use each tool safely

Throw on a Coat of Paint

Here's a prevalent use of compressed air for homeowners: Compressed air paint sprayers can lay down a clean coat of paint, devoid of roller marks and brushstrokes. The ability to move quickly and layer evenly will help you get the job done much faster than painting by hand, and with just a little practice, you’ll get professional-quality results.

You can practice with your compressed air sprayer by spraying water on paper. Don’t forget to wear proper eye and respiratory protection so you don’t inhale paint fumes or get particles in your eyes.


Keep Your Landscape Weed Free

By combining ground up seed pits, corn meal and shells, you can blast them out with compressed air to destroy weeds in seconds. The corn meal will also prevent weed seeds from sprouting.


Car Projects

A garage is the best place to keep your compressor, and one reason for that is you can access it quickly for projects on the car. From removing lug notes to inflating tires to painting your car. There are dozens of uses for a portable air compressor for keeping your car running smoothly.


Pressure Washing

Do you own a home with a large patio or trellis? A compressed-air power washer is almost certainly the most efficient way to remove years of caked-on grime and dirt that can discolor your patio or concrete over time. Many manufacturers produce these machines — just hook up the air and water, and you're ready to bring those hard surfaces back to the way they looked brand-new.

Pressure washing can be helpful for other projects, too. You can turn the pressure down and clean out the engine compartment of your car, or quickly blow the mud off a pair of boots after a long day.


A Versatile Tool and a Good Investment

You can see why we say a compressor is an excellent addition to your home tool set. It might seem like more of a commercial-grade piece at first glance, but if you pick one up, you'll absolutely get your money's worth from it.