4 Tips Parents Need To Know So That Children Have A Good Sleep

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As a parent, it can get quite tricky having your children get to bed in time. After all, these little ones can get quite energetic especially during the night, when they know it's time for bed! But because it's crucial to have your children sleep well, you'll need to ensure that they aren't staying up at night and have them wake up energetic and healthily. The question is: HOW?

Read on as I show you 4 tips parents need to know that children have a good sleep.


1. Set Up A Good Sleeping Schedule And Stay Consistent

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Take note that children require 9-11 hours of sleep per night so they'll be able to think clearly. But even this amount of time depends on your child, having his own sleeping needs and patterns. You should observe how many hours your child needs to stay healthy and base the schedule from there. I recommend that you set up both sleep and wake-up time. Stay consistent with their sleeping schedule even during holidays or weekends, giving them maybe an hour later during days they do not have school. Through doing this, their body clocks will become naturally sleepy and know what time to wake up.


2. Turn Off The Television And Reduce Stress

Did you know that the blue light from your television and gadgets can interfere with your melatonin production? Melatonin is what we need to regulate our sleep-wake cycles, and with a low amount of it, you won't be able to sleep and end up staying up late for hours at a time! That's why it's best to switch off all gadgets two hours before bedtime and remove any television or computers from the bedroom. This will ensure that your children's melatonin production is healthy and doesn't get disrupted. Have your children get used to a gadget-free zone and follow a good routine to get them sleepy.


3. Make Sure Their Rooms Are Sleep-Inducing

Yes, even your rooms are dependent on the way you and your children sleep! While stuffed toys help lessen the stress on your child when sleeping but too much can also be difficult for them to handle. I recommend that you make your children's room better for sleep, such as having softer bedsheets, a dark room, as well as a quiet environment. Besides removing the phones, keeping the room quiet and dark can help your child fall asleep faster. Keep a soft nightlight by the side of his bed if he is afraid of the dark. Additionally, it's also best to keep the room cool to regulate body temperature. Keeping it cool makes it better for them to sleep deep.


4. Focus On Relaxation and Not Fear

Lastly, make sure that you are focusing more on the way you relax your child rather than forcing them to sleep. Children would have a difficult time sitting their brains off for bedtime so start doing relaxing techniques instead which will help calm them down and tire them out. Hot baths, playing relaxing music, and the traditional bedtime stories can give them a good memory and have them begin tuckering out. And if ever they have any fear of "monsters," address them.


Wrapping It Up

It isn't difficult to have your children have a quality sleep they need for a healthy mind and body. As long as you follow these tips, they'll stick to their bedtime and be happy with it!

For those who would like to share their tips on ensuring good sleep for their children, do post your comments below. It will be much appreciated!


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