5 Activities In Art That Are Therapeutic And Help Adults Understand And Express Themselves In A Clearer Way

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Just because grown-ups have more experience with communication does not in any way mean that they are better at understanding their own emotions. It becomes even harder when they try to tell others how they feel or what they are experiencing. 

In dealing with adult problems, it becomes harder to articulate what is hurting them and why. Any adult is susceptible to suffering burnout and can use the coping skills that come with it. Here are some adult art therapy activities that help the individuals become better.

1.      Unmasked – This activity is for people who suffer from an eating disorder or those who hate their bodies. These kind of people create masks to hide behind in order to hide from the judging world. This therapy helps them find coping strategies for life’s difficulties that are not food related and confront fears of their own dysfunction that plague them often times.

2.      Lighthouse – Both adults and children can take part in this activity, though the older people appreciate it more than the children. For those who feel lost, isolated, overwhelmed and less appreciated, expressing themselves through the lighthouse activity is a beautiful way to identify needs and look towards the future with hope realizing where they are on the journey of life.

3.      Poem collage – Self-criticism is well known as self-harm! It is often hard to find the right words to criticize yourself and so most of the battle happens inwardly. You beat yourself up so much over how inadequate you have become. By creating a poem out of words that are going inside of you, you can tell how your inside is. By choosing to draw words that are the opposite of what you feel, you can create a conducive environment of peace and healing.   

4.      Self-care box – Affirmation is yearned for by every human. Inspiration and affirmation are key to the self-care box. For most people, it is comforting to know that you have something tangible and peaceful in times of trouble and worry. This self-care box can be a therapeutic source of healing. 

5.      Family sculpture – This is a popular therapy that helps the patients identify and deal with their family’s problems and come to terms with their family.


Helpful therapy activities for anxiety

Anxiety is really crippling! It wreaks havoc in people who suffer from this condition. Anxiety has wreaked havoc in many people’s lives, with more than 18% of people in the USA affected each year. Unfortunately, though this troubling condition continues to affect many people, it goes untreated most times.

One of the best news is that this therapy can help anxiety patients get better and cope with the situations that are causing them anxiety. The therapy helps the in the process of creation of a clean future which is the final result that many patients are looking for. 

Therapy through art is something to be encouraged for everyone around us who is not well.  It is a great activity to enhance in the process of healing.