Buy Yourself A Puffy Mattress To Get Peaceful Sleep Throughout The Night!

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Levy Howard, MD, a board-certified physician advised his patients with back and neck ache to use a medium firm mattress, which can give back the right balance between cushioning and proper support.

There are various types of mattresses available in the market, which may confuse the buyers will thinking of purchasing an appropriate one for your purpose. On an average, human being spends one-third of their life in bed. This time at bed is meant for rest and peace, which will further boost your energy and offer a fresh and productive day. One such company which we will be looking at below is Puffy. They are a new company but already making a lot of buzzes and we already see experts reviewing the Puffy mattresses and giving their opinions.

However, many are suffering from sleepless turning and tossing at the bed to find a better position to get some sleep. The comfort largely depends on the pressure points of the mattress you use, and if it not appropriate, you will be suffering from insomnia related issues.


Mattress affecting sleep

"A mattress may have up to 50% impact in a person's sleep," says Dr. Michael Decker who serves at the Sleep Clinic in Georgia. Studies have shown that mattresses affect the sleep pattern of people about the pressure it applied on to the capillaries and blood vessel networks underneath human skin.

Typically, a mattress which prevents which can reduce the impact on pressure points on your body can give a better sleep. Puffy mattresses are the game changers now, which help individuals to get a healthy sleep by serving this purpose. Puffy mattresses offer unmatched comfort and cradle you for a sound sleep as you can see when you read full review on puffy mattresses.


The process of sleeping on a puffy mattress

When you lie down on the mattress on any side of the body for extended periods, weight gets concentrated in that region tend to reduce the flow of blood vessels in that region. In turn, oxygen and nutrients to the cells get deprived, which cause the nerve cells to send a pain message to the brain. This further prompts a rollover of position, which interrupts the sleep.

To help with this, puffy mattresses feature a special 2-layer mechanism. The top layer is of about 3 inches, and the core base layer is of 7 inches. With this, puffy mattresses can maintain the fine balance between being soft and firm at a time at the right points and adapt flexibly to the weight and pressure put on it. As made with extremely adaptive materials, puffy mattresses can envelop your body with a soft and cradling support.

Lying on the puffy mattress can offer you the best sleeping experience. Also, your body heat gets pulled away to maintain a neutral temperature throughout the time, which also will contribute to better and uninterrupted sleep.

The special layer within puffy mattress is firmer by offering additional support and also adds to the bounce and durability of the bedding. Due to this durability, puffy foam mattresses can also be used at different bases whereas many other boxed mattresses have restrictions on it. Puffy mattresses go well with various frames as a flat frame, adjustable frame, slatted frame, box spring, and even on the floor.