Bringing Out The Manliness Within: 8 Beard Grooming And Styling Tricks For You To Try

As a modern man, you take a lot of interest in personal grooming and sartorial styling, with facial hair proving a popular feature.

It is hard to think of something that is more manly than a well-groomed beard and if you want to score plenty of style points with the way your facial hair looks, there are a number of styling tips and tricks that can help you achieve that smart facial finish. 

Here is a look at what the style gurus recommend when it comes to bigging up your beard and bringing out the style guru in you. 

Keeping your beard under control 

Growing your beard is one thing but keeping it in top shape is another challenge altogether and your grooming ally to help you achieve this aim is beard oil

Beard oil is designed specifically to help you keep your beard under control and help you with your styling efforts. 

It is a versatile product too, as it comes in a range of scents to give you a manly aroma and the oil will work to keep your beard stay soft and shiny. 

Use beard oil regularly and you will find that this is a product that is indispensable if you are serious about grooming. 

Encourage growth 

Your beard growth will go through various different stages before you get to the point where styling it is easy and what will help your quest for the perfect beard is regular washing and scrubbing. 

Give your beard a good exfoliate a couple of times a week to get rid of any trapped food and dead skin cells. 

A good tip to bear in mind when you have washed your beard is to pat it dry rather than rubbing it dry with a towel, which can create split ends and make your beard go frizzy. 

Pay attention to your face shape 

If you notice that some men seem to suit beards better than others it more likely that the good-looking ones have managed to match their beard to their face shape. 

You can achieve that desired level of harmony between your beard and face shape by experimenting a bit until you find a style that you know is just right. 

Create a pruning plan 

The art of good beard grooming is all about pruning and even if you are planning on growing it long you still want to trim it regularly to encourage the right growth and shape. 

It would be a great idea to invest in a decent quality trimmer as that will help you to keep your beard growth under control and assist your pruning technique. 

Growing your beard long involves a mix of patience and regular grooming, but so does keeping it cropped so work on a pruning plan that suits your chosen look and stick to it if you want to enjoy that well-groomed appearance on every occasion. 

Pay particular attention to your mustache 

Your mustache is integral to your overall beard appearance and there is a bit of extra grooming required in this area to keep everything looking good. 

The area under your nose, the philtrum, can easily get out of control and spoil your look if you are not careful. 

Invest in a decent pair of grooming scissors and snip away at any stray hairs that may have been missed with your trimmer and work on your nasal hairs too as part of your sculpting regime. 

You can also keep your mustache nicely sculpted with the help of mustache wax, with a medium-hold one probably the best option for the job. 

Feed your beard 

All your sculpting and grooming efforts could be made harder if you neglect to keep your beard nicely fueled with all the nutrients and vitamins that are known to be good for it. 

Your beard needs a regular intake of various vitamin B’s to keep it healthy and you can even take supplements that feed your beard if you are a bit short of leafy greens and lean meats in your diet. 

Be careful with those unwanted curls and waves 

It can be very tempting to grab the scissors and hack away at your beard in order to try and remove any unsightly curls and waves but the big problem with that is you risk making your beard patchy. 

If your beard seems reluctant to grow straight, however frustrating it might be, it is much better to leave it and work at it with products like wax, unless you are happy with a patchy beard. 

The same rules apply to gray hairs that appear in your beard. 

The majority of stylists would no doubt concur that it is much better to go with the flow and embrace the gray rather than attempt to cut it out or hide it with a coloring product. 

Gray hair can provide a distinguished look and if your beard is nicely groomed it could become a look that you quickly embrace. 

Learn how to trim your beard  

If you are committed to the idea of sporting facial hair it makes sense to hone your grooming skills so that you are a dab hand with the beard trimmer. 

A good time to trim your beard is just after you have had a shower as your hair will be nicely hydrated and should be much easier to cut. 

Start by brushing out your beard to get rid of any knots and prepare your facial hair for grooming. 

Start with a longer comb to see what the length looks like, as you can always drop the number down for a shorter finish if you want to. Aim to trim your beard shorter around your neck and on your cheeks and if you keep your hair longer on your chin it will create a fade to enhance your appearance. 

If you follow these simple steps in your grooming routine you should be able to achieve that stylish facial hair look that tells everyone how much you care about your appearance.