Ways Of Helping Your Children Learn Self-Defense

Children are naturally shy and can be anxious when meeting new people. They don’t allow their natural personality to come out and be themselves. This might be normal when they’re young, but if they don’t manage to overcome this it will carry on into their teenage years. So what can parents do to help children be more confident? Well showing children how to take care of themselves when you aren’t around is definitely one place to begin. Self defense is something that doesn’t just help kids get over being shy and introverted, but is a life skill that will keep them safe. But children may not want to sit and learn how to punch, kick and block. They are more inclined to run around and play with toys. It takes a lot of effort for children to take up martial arts because essentially, they in a classroom learning from a teacher. They do that for most of their day at school, so they might not be willing to sit still and learn after school has already ended. Here’s how to help them in this.

Connect a superhero

Superheroes have always been loved by children. It's a combination of characters that try to help other people and being physically strong enough to be the knight in shining armor. So as parents you should try to encourage children learning martial arts by connecting their favorite superhero. Show them how the characters fight the villains and use various martial art techniques to do so. This will influence them to follow in their footsteps and step outside of their comfort zone. Children will want to emulate the hero they believe in the most, so linking them to self defense can push them into learning how to fight and not just protect themselves but others around them. The moral significance of being brave and standing up for weaker people can also be connected.

Learning at home

Part of the fun of going to martial arts classes is that children can feel part of a small but special group. Each style of self defense has it's own culture and equipment. Something the kids will all need to know is how to wear their gear, which is often comprised of a gi, belt, gloves or foot pads. With the wealth of knowledge that you have online, your kids can learn at home how wear their gear. For example Judo Info Online Dojo will teach you how to tie your obi which is the judo belt. There’s a specific way you have to do this so your gi doesn’t become loose and get in the way of your movement. If your children are shy and don’t want to learn, you can get them used to wearing the judo clothes at home by teaching them how to tie the belt. The more they wear it comfortably the more used to it they will be when they first go into a class.

Children can be shy at first, but with a little educated encouragement they can come out of their shell. Teach them how to wear a gi at home, so they will be more comfortable wearing it in front of other kids at class.