Contact Lenses Vs Glasses: What’s The Pros and Cons

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The decision as to whether you should wear contact lenses or glasses depends entirely on your personal preferences. Each of them offers significant features that make them unique from one another. Just remember though, that neither of them is actually better than the other because each of them have their own set of pros and cons.


Contact Lenses


Contact lenses hold many advantages against glasses. To help you weigh your decision about if you should be using contacts, here are some pros and cons that you should know about.



-       Contact lenses offer a wider field of view. There are less vision distortions and obstructions that affect your field of view when using contacts.

-       Contact lenses don’t get affected by various temperature conditions like fog or steam.

-       They don’t get in your way, especially if you are participating in sports or any other outdoor activities.

-       Contact lenses are barely noticeable. This is important especially if you don’t want others to know that you have a vision disorder. 

-       Contacts allow you to correct more vision problems.

-       They won’t clash with your outfit and you won’t have to worry about looking silly to others.

-       Contacts are generally cheap and affordable.

-       You’ll have the ability to choose contact lenses that give you a new eye color.



-       Contacts can be a bit complicated to use. Some people have a hard time putting the contacts in their eyes.

-       Using contacts can reduce the amount of oxygen reaching your eye which can lead to dry eye syndrome.

-       If you sleep with your contacts, you may wake up with your eyes dry, irritated, and feeling gritted in the morning.

-       Contacts take some time to get used to and can be uncomfortable to use, especially for beginners.

-       Contact lenses may make you rub your eyes frequently.

-       Most contact lenses require you to clean them every day. This is to avoid the risk of getting eye infections when you wear them.

-       Contacts can scratch your eyes.

-       Contacts, especially the cheap ones, may rip off easily.

-       Contacts can be a problem when wearing makeup.




Before contact lenses came out, there were eyeglasses first. Even today, eyeglasses or spectacles are still popularly used by many people for vision correction. Just like contacts, they to have their own pros and cons that you need to be aware of, especially if you are still undecided whether to use contacts or eyeglasses.



-       You are less at risk to eye infections and bacteria when wearing eyeglasses.

-       Easier to clean and maintain than contacts.

-       Do not cause eye irritations.

-       Protects your eye from tiny particles like dust and any other debris that can damage your eye.

-       You are less likely to have dry eye, which is often a concern for people who wear contact lenses.

-       Can last longer than contact lens.

-       You can choose a pair of eyeglasses that matches your fashion style.

-       You can choose a pair that’s right for your budget.



-       Eyeglasses can be obstructive to your vision. As the glasses sit about half an inch from your eyes, chances are that your vision could be slightly distorted.

-       Some look silly when wearing glasses. Some people even don’t like wearing them because they feel like their facial aesthetics will change.

-       Eyeglasses can be easily affected by weather conditions.

-       There are some frames that can feel very heavy when worn.

-       Eyeglasses can also give you headaches, especially if they feel too tight on your ears and nose.

-       Eyeglasses are prone to scratches.


Now that you’ve learned the pros and cons of both eyeglasses and contact lenses, you should have a good idea which one is best suited for you. Or, you can just get both of them. To assist your vision impairment full-time, it’s ideal if you can wear contacts while having a pair of eyeglasses available in case of an emergency. You can also have it the other way! Luckily, it’s never been easier to order LensWorld contact lenses. If you need vision correction treatment, order some today and feel at ease immediately.


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