Creative Gift Ideas For The Dad Of Your House

The definition of the title “Dad” is much different than that of “Father.”  A father is the man who biologically donated half of your DNA, while a dad is the guy who was actually there for all the growing pains in life.  

Not every father is a dad, but there are some who fit both definitions.  For the dads of the world, appreciation is in order. Father’s (or Dad’s) Day is quickly approaching, and it’s time to start thinking about how you can best show the dad of your house just how grateful you are for his presence.  

Check out a few creative ways to show Dad that he is loved and valued in the family.  

Help him look and feel his best

It’s always good to help your loved one invest in their own self-care, but you don’t want to get him the generic set of aftershave and cologne.  You can be sure that someone else will cover those bases.

Instead, pay for him to have a full body massage.  If he’s self-conscious about his body hair, set up a consultation for laser hair removal.  Granting him a lasting experience will boost his happiness much longer than some aftershave.  

Find something that piques his interests

Not all guys are the same.  A toolbox or shaving kit is not the perfect gift for every dad.  You may be finding a gift for your nerdy dad. Either way, it’s more important that you consider who he really is when choosing a gift.  

If he’s into working on his car, then a new set of tools is great.  If he’s an avid gamer, try gifting him the latest gaming tech.  You get the point.  

Give him a day off from responsibility

Your family’s dad probably works really hard to keep up his end of the bargain in life.  It’s always a welcomed circumstance to have a moment to forget about all the many responsibilities he has to conquer on a daily basis.  

Give him a true day off.  Get the family together, and do his household chores.  Handle the “dad” situations for a day, and let him do whatever his heart desires.  A mental reset is worth more than any tangible gift.

Get the whole family together

Speaking in terms of intangible joy, gathering the whole family together for a day of communion may just be everything your dad has been hoping for on his special day.  Try planning a nice cookout or a movie marathon for the family, so you all have the chance to make new memories together.  

Make him something personally crafted

Even if your kids aren’t little, a hand-crafted gift always proves commitment and care.  With Pinterest growing wider every day in new content, there are endless opportunities to find inspiration online.