Tips For Dads Living With Teenage Daughters

Whether you are a father with a partner to help, or you’re a single father, understanding your teenage daughter can be a challenge.  The gap between the mental state of a middle-aged man and a teenage girl is immense, and it takes work to build a solid bridge.

If you really want to build a strong connection with your teenage daughter, you’re already on the right path.  Continue your research now, and read through this brief look into a few helpful tips for dads living with teenage daughters.  

Educate yourself on how females develop

Gaining a more thorough understanding of the developmental process of a female will help you be a better companion to all women, especially your daughter.  She is going through some real changes, and you can’t overlook the insanity induced by puberty (and high school).

Your daughter may make decisions that seem rash and unsavory, but understanding her development will help you handle those tough situations.  When your daughter comes to you asking for a rhinoplasty, you will feel more equipped to handle the conversation knowing that young women have notoriously struggled with self image.  

Talk with other fathers of teenage daughters

Support is good for both your daughter and yourself.  Especially for single fathers, it is important to find like minded friends.  Get involved with other fathers of teenage daughters, and build a support network for yourself.  

When an issue arises with your daughter, you will have people who face the same challenges to help guide you through with confidence.  There’s no need to fear the position you are in as a father when you are diligent in your efforts.

Be firm while still giving her space to learn

As her father, you need to be stern.  Don’t let your pretty little girl walk all over you just because you’re afraid you might hurt her feelings.  You are going to make her mad.  You are going to make her cry, but you are also going to love her forever.  

Show her that you truly care by setting strong guidelines for her life while she is young.  She may get mad at you, but she will trust you. She will feel safe knowing that you have everything under control.  

Always consider what she is feeling

Throughout the whole process, her feelings should be a top consideration.  You are her father, and it’s true that she needs a solid figure in her life.  

However, that doesn’t mean that you should be oblivious to her feelings.  There is a time and place for sensitivity to her emotions, and a good father will spend time learning the appropriate reactions to their emotional teenager.