Curt Schilling Defends Daughter Following Vulgar Tweets From Twitter Users

Image: CBS News

Image: CBS News

 By Marc Normandin

We understand if you normally roll your eyes when Curt Schilling speaks -- hell, Curt probably understands -- but what he had to say about inappropriate tweets directed at his daughter was worth listening to. The Hall of Fame hopeful just wanted to congratulate his 17-year-old progeny on Twitter for getting into college where she could play softball, and instead he received vulgar, sexual responses -- even ones mentioning rape.

Schilling's answer was to screenshot some of these tweets and write a blog post about them, so he could identify the two worst of the bunch publicly. It turns out that doing so got one of the awful people, Sean MacDonald, fired from his job as a part-time ticket seller for the Yankees. In addition, his fraternity from Montclair University, Theta Xi, spoke out against the inappropriate tweets.

As for the other awful human being, Adam Nagel has been suspended from Brookdale Community College, and the local police are looking into the matter. Who knows if they will actually punish him for his threats -- threats made on the Internet are still actual threats, no matter how much people want to pretend otherwise -- but at least he's going to have to squirm for a bit while he awaits his fate.

Good on Schilling for exposing these guys for their awful behavior. Social media users could use more consequences for their oft-occurring horribleness.