Dad Builds Amazing Homemade Luge Track

This dad is helping his kids have some winter weather fun of Olympic proportions.

Joseph Colangelo uploaded this video to YouTube of an epic luge track crafted out of the snow and ice in the yard.

Dad and kids take a ride down the track. The little girl goes first, and as she's launched we can see that the track goes down past the house. The dad hops in the next sled while wearing the camera, showing this isn't just a fun snow day activity for the kids. Finally when the little boy goes down, the camera switches to the bottom of the track so we get a sense of just how fast they're going by the time they get to the bottom.

Apparently many people think this looks like fun, as the video was uploaded Saturday and already has more than 100,000 views.

What's the best way to keep kids occupied in winter weather? Let us know in the comments below!