Protective Dad Makes Daughter Wear This Terrifying T-Shirt To Scare Away Boys

By Jonathan Symcox for

The internet is divided about whether the message he sends is brilliant or despicable

Bad dad? Or just looking after his little girl?

Bad dad? Or just looking after his little girl?

An overprotective dad keen to warn potential suitors off his young daughter has come up with a novel solution - by making her wear a t-shirt featuring a picture of his muscle-bound body.

The parental message on the shirt reads: 'Stay Clear Boys, this is my dad!’

The picture was initially uploaded to Reddit under the headline 'Dad security’ and has since gone viral on Facebook with 374,000 likes having been shared 46,000 times.

Reaction to the t-shirt was mixed.

Katie Gaffney commented: "Seems like just another tool to me.. Unfortunately using his daughter as an outlet to show off his time at the gym.”

Alexandra Michelle wrote: "Omg people need to stop being so sensitive and let the guy be a protective dad.”

Jodie Brown said: "She’s too young for the makeup she's wearing. Quit trying to grow up so fast, and you'll have less to worry about.”

And Deborah Myerscough-misner opined: "I know her being the age she is doesn't appreciate it.

"But she's one lucky girl having a dad around that will protect her... Things are different now. So many girls don't have fathers in their lives."

Many ladies commented favourably about the father, suggesting the t-shirt may merely attract the boys’ mothers to him.

The post was shared on Facebook - with the words 'Hahahha smart dad’ - by twice world pro Brazilian jiu-jitsu champion Kit Dale.