Helping Your Partner Prepare For The Birth: How You Can Help Her

Helping Your Partner Prepare For The Birth: How You Can Help Her

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If you have a little bundle of joy on the way, you and your partner will no doubt be trying to get ready for the birth. This is probably a much more stressful time for your partner. After all, she is the one who will have to go through the whole labor process! But, there are plenty of ways you can make this easier for your partner. Want to know how you can get through pregnancy and the birth with flying colors? Here’s our cheat sheet for all you expectant dads.

Learn How To Recognize Labor

Most women will experience some aches and pains in the days before they go into labor. However, you shouldn’t panic and think that these mean the big day has arrived. If you go to the hospital too early, you will only be sent home. So it is best to teach yourself the true signs of labor. That way, you know exactly when your partner needs to go to hospital. So what are these signs? Look out for a cramp in the lower back that won’t go away. Contractions should also become more intense and regular.

Pack An Overnight Bag

You and your partner will need an overnight packing just in case you end up staying the night in hospital. Your partner will probably already have a lot on her mind, so this is one job that you should do. Fill it with everything she will need like pajamas and toiletries. Don’t forget to pack things for the new baby such as clothes and a hat. You could also buy your new baby a cute present like one of the personalized blankets available at Makaboo online. Give it to your newborn in the hospital so that he or she can have it from day one!

Know What To Expect During Labour

Being in the hospital while you’re partner is giving birth isn’t like how it’s portrayed on TV. It isn’t that easy! You should expect to be there a long time. If this is your partner’s first baby, you should expect to be in the hospital for at least twelve hours. For the most of your time on the labor ward, your partner will be fairly calm, and the labor should seem like it is going slowly. But then, all at once, your partner’s pain will increase massively, and she could start swearing at you! This is when you know the baby is almost here. This is the time when your partner will need you the most for support. Rubbing her back can help to ease the pain of contractions. You should also give her your hand so that she can squeeze it whenever the pain is too much. And don’t forget to tell her what a great job she is doing!

The run up to a new baby’s arrival is often full of excitement. But you also need to be a hands-on dad as well. This is mainly to support your partner. Hopefully, this blog post will help you figure out how to become the world’s best dad!

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