Stop Your Kids Becoming Too Competitive!

Stop Your Kids Becoming Too Competitive!

Competition is something that our children will experience from time to time. Never More so than when they start playing and getting interested in sports. From getting chosen for a team to beating their best friend’s record, sports are filled with strong elements of competition. But not all kind of competition is bad. It can teach your kids about working within a team, sportsmanship and trying their best in everything they do.

Like most things, there are negative forms of competition that can make our kids envious, unsympathetic and greedy. As parents, it’s up to us to teach our kids about healthy competition. To help you do this, here are some tips and tricks every parent can use.

Teach Your Child To Praise Others

Praising other people not only makes them feel good, but it can also help your child feel more positive and confident too. So teach your kids about the importance of praising other competitors and their teammates. This can be as simple as saying well done to people they think who have played well during the game. If your child wins at something, encourage them to praise their competitors and the opposing team. It can be easy for children to be jealous of their competition and this can lead to rifts and arguments. Showing them that they shouldn’t view their competition in such a negative light sets a fantastic example. Another benefit of doing this is that your child develops a friendly and caring reputation which is beneficial in sports.

Lead By Example

Stop Your Kids Becoming Too Competitive!

All children look to their parents so see how they should be acting. If they see or hear you being rude about another team, their coach or the referee, this isn’t setting a promising example. In sports, it can be easy to say things on impulse when you are eager for your child to do well. But be aware of what you say and how you act when your child is present. You should also make sure that your child knows that cheating is never acceptable. Instead, instil the benefits of teamwork and how much better they will feel if they accomplish something honestly.

Reward Every Outcome

There will be times when you child or their team don’t win a game or competition. Rather than seeing it in a negative light, let them know how proud you are of their hard work and effort. Tell them that they are a winner regardless of the outcome as this can encourage them to continue improving and playing. You should also mention points during the game when you thought they played extremely well. Why not present them with a certificate, trophy or a new toy to reward them for taking part and doing their best. Take a look at a trophy store online or search for other fun ways to spoil your child, even if they came last.

So don’t let your kids become too overly competitive when they play sports. Take what you have learned from this quick guide and use it to show them how beneficial competition can be to them.