Here Are 5 Benefits Of Online Counseling

mental-Here Are 5 Benefits Of Online Counseling

Modern lifestyles are extremely busy, so much so that there is little time to recognize and cope with the stress that it often creates. Moreover, so much communication is virtual these days, and so it is easy for anyone to feel isolated and lost in their own thoughts, and they feel that they have non-one to talk to.

Fortunately, the plus side of modern communication is that many people now find it easier to open up about their struggles and personal mental health difficulties online, than talking face to face. So let’s take a look at the advantages of online counseling and how this can be a quick and efficient way for anyone to find the help and assistance that they or their families may need to achieve better mental health.


What is Online Counseling ?

In the past, the options for counseling were limited to face-to-face or telephone sessions, which sometimes made it difficult for people in remote areas or who had transportation difficulties to get the help they need.

In more recent years, ‘online counseling” has come to refer to therapeutic services delivered to clients via e-mail, webcams, even chat rooms, and has become a great alternative to in-person counseling when traveling is impractical for needy clients, wherever they may be situated.


What Are The Advantages Of Online Counseling?

Put very simply, practicality, ease of access and lower cost. The therapists can keep their overheads lower in that they do not need office and receptionist and associated costs, and they can see patients to a more efficient and flexible schedule online.

In particular, consider these practical benefits:

1. Suitability

It is far easier to locate the best therapist with appropriate expertise to provide the best online counseling to suit a client’s particular needs, across the state, country or even internationally.

2. Anonymity

The client may feel that the relative anonymity of online counseling encourages them to be more candid about their problems and therefore it is often quicker to get to the heart of their problem and decide what kind of therapy is needed.

3. Scheduling

Therapy often involves couples, families or more than one person, so it is far easier to find mutually convenient times and dates when people do not have to travel to a particular location and therefore it is more likely that clients will attend more regular talk therapy sessions.

4. Price

Online counseling is generally far cheaper than in-person therapy, because therapists can keep down their overheads by saving office space, staff and administration costs

5. Stigma

For many just the very idea of having to attend an office and waiting room deters them from seeking therapy help. However, online therapy can be conducted discreetly in the client’s own home, and the familiar and private surroundings – this will encourage the shy client to seek the help they need when they may otherwise have hesitated.


The growth of Online Counseling

There has been a boom in telemental health to the extent that eve the federal government is in on the act. For example, in 2010, the Veterans Health Administration established a National Telemental Health Center which in 2013 provided almost 3,000 video sessions to 1,000 patients at 53 sites in 24 states.

Online counseling is growing rapidly, and as almost everyone now uses the internet for everything from grocery shopping to even house purchasing, that same familiarity of internet use can be turned to the advantage for any person who needs discreet, fast and affordable therapy for mental health issues, at the click of a computer mouse.

So do your research and due diligence and explore whether online counseling is a good fit for your needs and problems, particularly if you find the idea of seeking help intimidating. You may find that the advantages of online counseling are a perfect fit for you.

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