How To Change A Diaper Without The Mess!

How To Change A Diaper Without The Mess!

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Do you know how to change your kid’s diaper? Most parents ask the nurse to walk them through it while they are still in the hospital after delivery. If you didn’t get this done, you’re probably pretty clueless right now. When you're looking in on it to accomplish, it is a pretty complicated process.

There are so many strange nooks and crannies than they were involved. Don't forget the stink to high heavens when you open up a used diaper. According to, you’re probably making a lot of fuss over nothing. While diaper messes can be hard to clean up, diapers aren’t too difficult to change.

Be Prepared Before You Start

The most important thing that a lot of parents forget. When you’re in a hurry and want to change a diaper, the last thing you’ll be thinking about is gathering the items you need. However, you have to keep in mind that you are going to be holding your baby the entire time. It means that you will only have one of your hands-free for a majority of the time. Make sure you have everything before you begin changing, since you won’t always have your partner around to fetch items for you. Everyday items you need to include a new diaper, wipes, water, cloth, and baby lotion.

A Step-by-Step Guide To Changing A Diaper

Open up the tabs marked as the sticky portions. Close them, so they won’t get stuck on the baby. When you’re done taking the dirty diaper off, you can stick it shut with the tabs, so you won’t get a mess everywhere later. If there have been any leaks, it's important to take quick steps to get the poop stains out of baby clothes.

Pro tip: if your baby is a boy, cover his boy parts up with the new diaper, so he doesn’t spray you when you’re wiping – babies don’t have the bladder control adults do. In hindsight, many adults don’t either.

While pulling the dirty diaper off, try to get some of the poop out with that diaper. Use the clean parts to do this. Babies are small, but they have a lot of poop, because they digest what they eat straight through. You can hold your baby up by the ankles and then lift them up to reach more of their bottom better.

Take away the dirty diaper and throw it away. Always have a bin or disposal bag nearby. If you’re in a changing room in a mall, there is a disposal container within reach of the changing table. You do this, so you don’t contaminate the table for the next parent who comes in.

Use wipes to wipe your baby’s bottom down properly. Get every part of it wiped off. You don’t want to risk a breakout later. For girls, you also must remember that wiping from front to back is advised. If you wipe the other way, you risk giving her an infection because you’re getting poop dangerously close to her lady parts.

When you finish, pat the baby dry. After you’re done, pat the baby dry. Place the wide part of the new diaper under their bottom, so the wings stick out on either side. Fold the long part up between their legs and hold the wings onto it. Voila, you have changed your diaper without leaving your baby alone for a second!

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