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Baby 101: Dads,Babies and ZZZs

I have always believed that parents need to be partners when taking care of their children.  . I’ve known several dads who would rather watch their wives change diapers or put the baby to sleep or feed the baby because they were afraid they’d do something wrong. We-ell… they won’t know until they try. This can be just a guide, as each family has a different routine, but here are some things you can do to help your wife put your baby to sleep

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How To Change A Diaper Without The Mess!

Do you know how to change your kid’s diaper? Most parents ask the nurse to walk them through it while they are still in the hospital after delivery. If you didn’t get this done, you’re probably pretty clueless right now. When you're looking in on it to accomplish, it is a pretty complicated process...

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First Time Dad 101: Preparing For Fatherhood

Being a daddy-to-be is one of the most beautiful times in any man’s life. Everyone’s experience with becoming a parent is unique and should be cherished every moment. When it comes to preparing for fatherhood, there really is no magic formula that fits all. What you can do though...

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