Incorporating Some Fun Into Your Style


When it comes to making your own style and surfing the current trends, you don’t have to adhere to society rules strictly. Style is sexy and is guaranteed to get you places in both the business and personal worlds, yet having fun is also important at the same time. A sense of humour is more important than ever nowadays, and no one likes to always be straight laced and serious. Here’s a few suggestions to keep your personality and jokey ways included in your everyday wear that’s subtle and will always work.


Have A Graphic Under Tee

When you hear the term ‘graphic tee,’ you probably think of something with a comic scene plastered on there that looks a little garish. Whilst it can be a little stifling with merchandising, wearing a tee that has graphics on it can be subtle as well.

Something with a breast pocket can have a small gimmicky picture under the flap for example. If you’re wearing a button down for most of the day, you should have something underneath it to buffer you against cold weather and enable you to take off outer layers in warm weather. You’re in the clear with these kinds of shirts. You can also have simple phrasing and some inspiring quotes.


Wear Some Funny Socks

You can always have a pair of cool socks under your trouser legs, and only you will be the wiser about it. Unless you’re sitting in a position in a formal setting where you cross your legs will others see them. But then again, everyone loves a good pair of socks that can make them laugh.

Maybe you don’t think about it much and the jokey pairs you have at the back of a draw come out when they’re the first ones you grab. However, it’s a little known secret to a lot of people, but it can make you seem more approachable and friendly when you have a pair of pink socks on under your brogues.


Dress In Themes

We all look for complementing pieces that will keep us at our best, so everyone works in themes anyway. However, you could take this to the next level. For example, your theme for the day could be colors or patterns alone. Wear them in blocks or find contrasting pieces. So many men look good in three-piece style waistcoats, and these are usually hidden under a blazer. Look for stripes and dots in your next purchase.

Patterned trousers are incredibly sleek and often have a velvet feel to them. Look for high end designs at cheap prices, which you can find mainly online, and you can fill your wardrobe with fashion that always suits the ages.

This was just a little food for thought on your daily looks. For both work and pleasure purposes, dress in styles that are creative looks and feels good. You should be able to develop your own look, even when working in a setting that doesn’t encourage such a thing.