Dad Points: The Adventure Computer Games To Enjoy With Your Kids



Whether you’ve got little ones in primary school, or are in the middle of those tentative teenage years with your kids; the chances are they’re not going to say no to a game or two on the computer (even if it is with dad). You don’t have to be a total techie (although, it can sometimes help) to enjoy a spot of family gaming on a Saturday afternoon. You can utilise your PC, or enjoy the PS4, Xbox, and all the other consoles available on the market (ask your kids) together, and get stuck into a game that everyone enjoys.

If the summer holidays have cost you a fortune in holidays, theme parks, and ice creams; it might be time to settle in for the autumn season and go on an adventure with your kids from the comfort of home. So, after you’ve come back from a few hours running around the park; spend some further quality time with your favourite young ones and play on the computer together. The following are some adventure game suggestions for different tastes, preferences, and ages if you’re looking to pick some up this weekend.


Night In The Woods

Perfect for younger players; A Night In The Woods is driven by a storybook style tale of exploration and mystery. The adventure will take your kids through the central character’s (Mae) hometown, and it’s filled with characters and vibrant settings which will keep kids of all ages glued to their screen and trying to figure out what to do next. It’s a single player game; however, it’s perfect for the whole family to gather around and help make the decisions, so don’t be put off. Take a look at a Night In The Woods review or two to see what you think. However, if your kids love animals, adventure, and maybe a touch of the weird and supernatural, they’ll love playing this immersive adventure game with you by their side.



Older kids and teens might find Rust’s world of killer bears and wolves, the risk of plummeting to your death at every corner, and the harsh environment a treat to play. If your kids (and you) are into multiplayer adventure games, where the emphasis is on survival; Rust could become your plans for the upcoming weekends. Give yourself a head start with some Rust cheats and help your kids build a safe haven, as you fend off other players (enemies), and ensure they don’t steal your stuff. Rust isn’t an easy game to play, but that's’ part of the appeal; it’s the perfect way to immerse yourself in another world for a few hours and will keep things interesting throughout play.


The Walking Dead Series

This one is definitely not for the little ones, but playing any of the available Walking Dead video games from the series will score your major dad points with your older teens. Zombies, gore, and decision-making are the key elements to the game, and if you take a wrong turn; you’ll end up as someone’s dinner. You’ll get drawn into keeping the central characters alive (and become quite attached to them), and you’ll be able to have some serious bonding time with the kids as you navigate your way through a post-zombie apocalypse. Now that’s surely, a weekend well spent with your family this autumn