Essential Gear for Going Fishing

It doesn’t matter whether you enjoy the occasional fishing trip or are an experienced angler; there are certain items that can be used to ensure that your trip is a success time and time again. This infographic explores 15 essential carp fishing items that will be sure to make your fishing experiences better than ever before. It is likely that you will recognize some of these items, but there may be a few that have never crossed your mind before.

For example, did you know that multi tools existed? Whether you’re unhooking a fish or cutting line, a multi tool will be your best friend in many situations. If you are in need of a fresh set of equipment, check out Total Fishing Tackle fishing gear for the best products around. Your angling friends will soon be asking you what your secret is to getting continuous successful catches!

Other pieces of gear listed on this infographic include cool gadgets such as bite alarms. A bite alarm does all the hard work while you can sit back and relax. The alarm goes off to notify you when your reel moves, meaning your next fishing trip will be a very chilled one indeed! Combine this with your handy chair or bed-chair and you will be feeling like you’re at a home away from home. Go a step further with these comfort purchases and make sure that you have a sleeping bag, especially if you are a fan of overnight fishing.


A simple piece of gear mentioned on this infographic which you may not have used when fishing before is a catapult. Catapults have a robust design which is perfect for firing boilies over 50 yards. Not to mention that they are also very fun to use! Here’s a quick fishing hack: don’t forget to bring a boilie drill in order to insert foam into the boilie and create buoyancy.