Mobile Apps That Help Take the Stress Out of Road Trips


As much as technology has made traveling safer and cheaper, it has also made it easier and less stressful. For automobile travel, the use of mobile apps has made it easy for travelers to plan and enjoy road trips to just about anywhere. Whether you are driving across the country or commuting into the city, below are some of the best mobile apps that take the stress and headache out of road trips.

1. Roadtrippers

Roadtrippers is a web-based and mobile application that helps drivers and travelers to plan their road trips and routes. It’s one of the best applications that you can use to calculate time and gas expenses. Roadtrippers allows users to plan their routes and also choose locations of interest from categories which are within 10 to 30 miles of the main route. The map displays locations of interest, and the mileage and gas costs are then recalculated.

Roadtrippers is the only navigation tool that has been specifically built for travelers. The app helps you to discover some of the best places including roadside attractions, hotels, local diners, scenic points among others. Do you want to find a scenic point during your drive, restaurants, parks etc.? Well, you can use this application to layer various categories on your trip in order to find the perfect place. You can plan your trip from the website or directly from the app and then share the information with a group of other users.

2. ParkMobile

ParkMobile offers exclusive parking information of parking spots. With ParkMobile, you don’t have to waste time circling around blocks in search of a parking spot. The parking app allows drivers to view available parking spaces around them hence they can drive directly to areas with plenty of parking space and avoid areas that are congested.

ParkMobile is spread across more than 350 cities in the U.S. with data for thousands of parking spots. If you are driving around the city or you are planning to travel to different locations, this application offers parking reservations for on-street an off-street parking. It makes everything easier by allowing users to choose the date and time they want to make parking reservations, the amount of parking time and to end the reservation.

3. Waze

Nothing can beat traffic congestion than drivers working together towards a common goal of outsmarting traffic. Waze has been uniquely designed to assist everyone to get the best route possible to their destination. As one of the biggest community-based navigation and traffic application in the world, Waze helps drivers to share real-time traffic and highway information, saving users gas money as well as time during their commute.

Note that traffic isn’t just red lines which appear on the navigation map. This app provides real-time alerts before you approach traffic jams, accident scenes, police and road hazards. Whether it is a daily commute to and from work or a road trip, Waze acts like a personal heads-up from a million other friends who are also on the road.

What makes this application the perfect road assistant is that you will never hit a dead end. Waze maps are constantly updated and improved by an active community of map editors and you will be notified of new changes that are happening in the roads within your neighborhood.