5 Ideas To Include In Your Child’s Nighttime Ritual


Most experts recommend that kids need a nighttime ritual to build healthy sleeping habits.  Kids thrive off of repetition and routine since it gives them a sense of security.  Since they know what to anticipate every day about the same time, there are no questions raised about what is expected of them.


If you’re ready to start developing a healthy bedtime routine for your child, here are some ideas for you to include.


Dinner as a Family


Eating dinner as a family is an excellent way for everyone to converse and talk about what happened during their day.  It gives everyone a chance to reconnect and share their individual experiences with the rest of their family.


Eating together as a family may not always be convenient with everyone’s conflicting schedules, however, making an effort to organize it has enormous payoffs over time.  You and your child will likely feel a stronger bond and line of communication as a result.


Brushing Teeth


Brushing their teeth every night will not only encourage good dental hygiene, but it is a skill which will come in handy for their whole lives. Teaching your kids to get into the habit of brushing their teeth every morning and night will save them thousands in dental bills over the years and may even increase the longevity of their lives.


Making teeth brushing fun may help get them motivated to join along.  You could consider getting them a colorful toothbrush or creating a special song for brushing teeth.




Bathtime is a great way to wind your child down in a soothing and calm environment.  Once they get in the bath, it’s a nighttime cue to signal that bedtime is coming.  As a result, they’ll have an easier transition from awake time to falling asleep.


Bathtime is helpful especially for younger babies who will start to learn that bedtime comes after bathtime from a young age.  They may be much less resistant to bedtime than kids who didn’t start as early with a nighttime ritual.




Reading your child a story is a wonderful way to encourage their imaginations and put them into a sleepy state of mind. As your child gets older, you can take turns reading back and forth to each other.


It can be a nostalgic experience reading your favorite childhood books to your own child and remembering how much you used to love them.




Learning a few lullabies is a good idea for parents who want to have a nurturing way to comfort their children after they’re in bed.


They can either be a traditional lullaby or any song that you love which is appropriate for nighttime.