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How To Make Brushing Enjoyable For Your Kids

As every parent knows, getting your child to brush their teeth can be a challenge and with oral health on the decline in children, everyone from the best dentist London has to offer, to smaller local clinics, are seeing an increase in the number of visits per year. Thankfully, there are solutions to make brushing enjoyable for your kids and we’ve compiled just a few, here.

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5 Ideas To Include In Your Child’s Nighttime Ritual

Most experts recommend that kids need a nighttime ritual to build healthy sleeping habits.  Kids thrive off of repetition and routine since it gives them a sense of security. If you’re ready to start developing a healthy bedtime routine for your child, here are some ideas for you to include.

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How To Care For Baby Teeth Early

Babies are born with all their teeth already present. They aren’t visible, but they’re in the jaw hidden by the gums. At about 6 months, your kid will start to grow their teeth in. By the time your child is three, they should have all 20 teeth present...

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