Prevent Age From Catching up, Naturally!

There are no foolproof methods for stopping age from catching up. Every day, your body is undergoing physical and mental stress to age slowly and gradually. These days, you may add another factor for premature aging - the harsh effects of pollution around you. These stressors work along with the age-related hormones in your body to either quicken or stabilize the aging process.

The speed with which people reach the stage where they start looking old varies. There are many 90 years old that still look as if they are in the late 50s because of their healthy glow. You will also come across 30 somethings who look nothing less than that in their 50s courtesy how they’ve managed to keep themselves. Age is irreversible. However, it can be controlled, naturally.

In other words, you are aging, every day. 

Thankfully, right from the time you open your eyes for the first time to that when you breathe your last, there are many ways of slowing downtime. There are smart ways of offending age and feeling younger than what you are biologically. Here are some easy-to-implement, natural ways of remaining healthier and better-looking as you age.

Ways of Reversing your Age Through Natural Ways

If you start looking around at health stores and what they contain, you’ll come across helpful products and supplements that you would like to pick up instantly. Most of these skin and health care products are naturally grown but processed to attain the form of supplements, pills, creams, lotions, and other usable products. Dr. Bill Andrews of says that getting acai and turmeric in your diet decreases inflammation, which slows down the aging process and helps prevent disease. Just like turmeric and acai, there are several other basic products and natural food ingredients that make a difference in how you age and look as you grow older. There are several lifestyle tips, health guidelines, and dietary restrictions that complement the age reversal process fittingly. Here are some popular ones for you to read and implement.

1. Sleep for at least eight hours

Sleeping soundly for a minimum period of 7-8 hours, and at the recommended time, keeps your mind and body relaxed. It’s equally essential to take short power naps of 20 to 30 minutes or so to revitalize yourself and get a new spurt of energy. Sleep is important for the normal functioning of your system and vital organs. It adds volumes to how you look and feel, thereby making you look youthful and fresh. 

2. Daily walks and exercise

Unlike the times that have gone by, work hours are mostly dominated by computers, networking, commuting from one place to another, documentation, etc. In all this, you have very little time left to nurture yourself physically and mentally; and this shows. Regular exercises and walking in the fresh air can help you move away from the rigors of your work hours. The acts keep you fit and healthy and prevent age from catching up before time.

3. Dietary restrictions

It’s become fashionable to skip meals or give long gaps between two main meals. This is a no-no. As per experienced nutritionists and dieticians, it is very important to take 4-5 meals every day. These meals have to be counted for their calorie intake and nutritional value to give good returns. Strive to cut back on the amount of salt consumed across the day. Proper intake of a high-fiber diet is important as it keeps your colon and digestive system clean. With a proper dietary regime in place, you will find it easy to keep the stresses of illnesses and diseases away. Resultantly, you’ll find yourself more energetic and fit to face all age-related challenges and woes. Restrain from white sugar, saturated fats, red meats, caffeine, white flour, pesticides, and tap water.

A low-calorie diet is very effective for regulating great health when your aging process starts. Eat at only those times when you are hungry. Even then, try to keep yourself away from food items that are preserved, not fresh, or cooked without keeping the metrics of good nutrition in mind. Keep control of the levels of glucose in your body as it increases the carbohydrate content drastically to cause illnesses. This, in turn, gives rise to obesity, diabetes, and other health-related issues that are easily avoided.

4. Proper hydration is a must

Keep your system hydrated by drinking steam-distilled water. Remember, even if you are not feeling thirsty, your body needs at least 3 liters of water every day. Proper water intake will make you healthy and well-conditioned internally. Your skin will tighten naturally and you will not look as old as the years of your age. Water intake fails to include the fluids imparted through alcohol consumption. Try to cut down on your overall caffeine and alcohol intake as far as possible to look young and feel energetic despite your age.

5. Practice Meditation and Deep Breathing 

There are many breathing exercises to fuel the oxygenation and circulation in your bloodstream. For instance, you may want to practice holding your breath for 30 seconds every 30 minutes. Inhale. Touch the roof of your mouth with your tongue, just where the gums meet your teeth, and release the inhaled air gradually. Repeat the process each day for the best results. Listen to soothing music whenever you are feeling low or stressed. Try meditating for a few minutes after long hours of work. All these positive lifestyle actions will bring about a change in your mood and looks. You will start entertaining more positive thoughts about your life or work and this will add to the youthful look on your face.

Stay Healthy, Look Young

Last but certainly not least, don’t forget to take very good care of your skin. Invest in good quality skincare and beauty products that can be used daily. With the right skincare routine, you will be able to remove the signs of premature aging. The effects will make you feel more upbeat and encourage further positive steps for managing your health better.