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The Many Ways That You Can Age Gracefully

For many people, age is just a number. There’s (usually) nothing stopping you from doing the things you did when you were 17 at the age of 50 or beyond, but there are a few things about ageing that we simply can’t change. We can’t hide the fact that we’re getting wrinkles and we can’t change the fact that our hair is turning grey. All we can do is conceal these facts of life and try our best to age as best as we can....

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Men’s Skin: Female-Based Dosing Standards May Not Be Sufficient for Male Cosmetic Treatments

It should surprise no one that, as a dermatologist based in image-focused Beverly Hills, I see a significant number of patients concerned with both the health and look of their skin. It is also not surprising to say that interest in skincare treatments is on the rise among the male demographic. Dermatology Times recently reported that the previous decade saw administrations of botulinum toxin injections (for smoothing wrinkles) jump by 50 percent, while dermal fillers (for adding volume to specific areas of the face) leapt 230 percent.

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