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Staying The Course: The Importance Of Father-Son Bonding As Your Kids Get Older

There is a cliche that has persisted for at least as long as we have had the written word, and probably for longer. While mothers and daughters can talk to each other about anything, fathers and sons have a more distant relationship. To be more accurate, in the early years, fathers will do everything to make time...

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"Sorry, Son": The Terrible Future I'm Passing Onto My Boys"

I like to think I’m an OK parent. I mean, I try hard enough - and have the bags under my eyes to prove it. On the whole, both my wife and I are happy with the boys’ progression. We’re positive we are going to give them the tools to handle life...

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Dad Captures Beautiful Photos Of Son's Childhood After Almost Losing Him

One morning in 2013, dad Adrian Murray and his wife Michelle experienced every parent's nightmare. They woke up to find their 10-month-old son Emerson unresponsive in his crib. The parents rushed their baby to the hospital, where he remained for three days. After severals rounds of tests, doctors still could not provide an answer as to what exactly was wrong with Emerson. 

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