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Parenting Tips For Fathers With Teenagers

Parenting a teenager is often a source of fear for fathers, especially if their child is a female.  Your teenager is going through some very extreme physical and psychological changes, and it helps to have an empathetic father figure for support.  If you’re not sure how to handle your teens, it helps to educate yourself.  Read through a brief look at some pivotal parenting tips for fathers with teenagers, and take a few notes along the way. 

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Believe It Or Not, You Can Find Common Ground With A Teenager

Often, it can feel like finding common ground with kids is near enough impossible. Be honest; they seem like an alien species most of the time, don’t they? Conversations are short-lived at best, and you couldn’t be further apart while living in the same house. As hard as it is to believe, though, common ground is often easier to find than we might think. And, when that happens, you could soon find yourself on the right end of the following benefits.

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The Essential Lessons A Dad Should Teach His Adolescent Son

The role of being a father is quite a difficult one to perform. Whether you’re the main provider, work a career alongside your partner, or are a stay at home parent, the set of lessons you teach your adolescent son is somewhat different from the lessons brought from the maternal side. A strong father figure is very important for a young child to develop with confidence.

We have compiled a small list of some of the best examples you can fit your child, and in the process help them cross that verge from late adolescence into adulthood with pride.

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How to Keep Your Teens Safe From Alcohol and Addiction

You’ve already had “the talk” about drugs, but the blank stare you got in return wasn’t enough to inspire confidence.  And as each day passes, more young lives are lost to overdose. After seven years of decline, overdose deaths jumped by 19 percent in 2015. These are children whose lives were taken from them before they even had a chance to get started. Our wakeup call is here and now. And now that you’re rightly terrified, it’s time for a bit of good news.

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Staying The Course: The Importance Of Father-Son Bonding As Your Kids Get Older

There is a cliche that has persisted for at least as long as we have had the written word, and probably for longer. While mothers and daughters can talk to each other about anything, fathers and sons have a more distant relationship. To be more accurate, in the early years, fathers will do everything to make time...

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