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Kids, Weight, And Surgery: How Do They Interact?

Gaining weight seems to be an inevitable part of having kids—and it’s not something that impacts just moms. Studies have shown that a man’s risk of obesity increases 4 percent with every child he has. Though the exact reason for the weight gain is unclear (is it due to more stress? less time for planning healthy meals and exercise?), the solution is the same for anyone trying to shed pounds: dieting and physical activity.

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Getting More Active as a Family

Technology and the internet is very much a part of the world now. Our children need to grow up comfortable using these devices to help them in the future, and it’s important that we recognize that the world has changed. But, when this excessive screen time starts to affect our children’s weight, health and happiness, something needs to be done. The best way to encourage your children to be more active is to do it together It’ll do you all the world of good. Here are some ideas to help you get going.

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