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Climate Change and what it means for our weather right now!

All but the most extreme end of the debate now accept that climate change is not only happening but that it is largely, if not entirely, man-made. There are of course a number of very prominent global figures, mainly in the US, that suggest it is not us that is doing it and so not us that should do anything about it. These people are normally in the slightly funny and highly worrying minority. But what does it all mean for us now?

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Don't Let Awful Weather Stop You And Your Kids From Having Fun!

For a lot of people, the shift from summer to autumn and winter is something to be celebrated. It means that it's time to enjoy getting cosy and comfortable under a blanket every day. However, for many parents, the changing of the seasons is accompanied by a sense of dread. Of the many great things about the nice weather during the summer, one of the best is that your kids get to enjoy running around outside as a way to use up all of that energy that they have. With that in mind, here are a few things that you can do in order to make sure that you and your kids have plenty of fun, even when the weather's totally miserable

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12 Top Winter Care Tips For You And Your Horse

Taking care of your horse during the winter can feel like hard work. There’s the stable to be mucked out, not to mention the dark mornings. There are no late balmy summer evening rides to compensate either. We’ve put together some great tips to help you through the dark winter mornings, and keep you and your horse...

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