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The Dads’ Guide to Being Ready for Anything

As a Dad, tasked with protecting his family, you no doubt understand the severity and importance of being prepared for anything. Natural disasters happen, whether we’re ready for them or not. You never know when you and your family could be at risk, and as a parent, it's your job to protect not just your kids, but everyone in your family, including pets. So, how do you ensure your children and family are prepped for the worst?

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Climate Change and what it means for our weather right now!

All but the most extreme end of the debate now accept that climate change is not only happening but that it is largely, if not entirely, man-made. There are of course a number of very prominent global figures, mainly in the US, that suggest it is not us that is doing it and so not us that should do anything about it. These people are normally in the slightly funny and highly worrying minority. But what does it all mean for us now?

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