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Dads Can Lead by Example

We have all heard from someone in authority over us at some point in our lives to do as they say and not as they do. That is awful advice, though, and something I hope no father tells their children. Your children will follow your example. When children look back on their lives on the lessons they learned from their fathers, they tend to recall more vividly the experiences they had rather than the words that were said.

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3 Top Tips to Keep a Relationship Healthy and Alive Forever

Relationships are hard, they are not all smiles, flowers and gooey eyed dinner dates. In fact they may well be the hardest thing we ever do considering how long we spend working on them. But the rewards are almost immeasurable; the joy, sense of safety, companionship, sex and security are just a few of the reasons we have relationships and why we keep working on them. So how do you make them last? Is there a secret?..

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