The Dad’s Guide To Getting It Together In The Mornings

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Mornings aren’t always the best. Just as you’ve managed to get yourself off to sleep, and a good sleep at that, the alarm goes off. So, of course, you snooze and you keep on snoozing until you’re then forced to hurry the kids along in any way that you can and run out of the door before you’re late for work. And that’s never the best way to start your day.


When you’re busy, you really do have to make sure that you’re managing your time well. Being able to get it together in the mornings isn’t just about being zen and chilled while you’re helping out with the kids or enjoying your breakfast. It’s about starting off your day on the right foot, being productive, and making sure that you can get everything done. So if you always have a busy morning, then it’s time to strip things back and create a simple routine that maximizes your time.


Prepare For The Alarm

First of all, you’re going to have to get better at dealing with that alarm. And this isn’t about setting it at a later time, or forcing yourself to reduce the number of times you snooze it. Instead, you need to be prepared for it. And this means getting enough sleep during the night. So start to give yourself an early (and more sensible) bedtime. By getting to bed earlier and at the same time each day, you should find that getting up at the same time each morning is easier - and that you don’t snooze as much.


Try The Lay Out Method For Yourself

As parents, we all tend to lay out our kids clothes for the next day. It’s the best way to make sure that they’ll look put together, but they can still work on dressing themselves. So why not think about doing that yourself? If you’re always rushing to find your work clothes, this is going to mean that you can get up and dressed without any issues each morning.


Keep Your Grooming Routine Simple

When you’re trying to be both productive and efficient in the mornings, you don’t want to spent too much time trying to get ready. It can be a distraction and slow you down. At the same time, you don’t want to have to choose from too many products while you’re getting ready. This can also be too much of a distraction. Instead, you need a handful of products from your beard oil to cologne. Just the essentials so that you have everything to hand and won’t get confused choosing between too many.


Invest In A Great Morning Drink

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Another great tactic is to make sure that you have a great morning drink to look forwards too. When that alarm goes off, you just want to get back to sleep. But when you know that you have some killer coffee beans to make an incredible coffee waiting for you, you definitely have more incentive to get up on time. Plus, it will often help you to get things done.