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What Dad Can Do: How To Take The Lead On Running A Home

No matter who you are or what your family background may be, you’re totally free to decide how you’re going to do things. If you want to be a stay at home Dad, great. If you want to stick to a more traditional role, great. But one thing’s for sure, if you’re both working, then you’re both going to want to share the household responsibilities. So if you want to make sure that you’re doing your part to keep things running, here’s what to do.

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The Top 4 Downsides Of Working From Home

Working at home sounds like most people's dreams. So when working from home became a possibility, more and more people are interested to try it. However, unbeknown to many, working at home also poses some downsides. With the advancement in technology and the easy access to work right at the comforts of home, a lot of people think that it is much easier than going to the office. But it is not entirely true. Here are the top four downsides of working from home.

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The Dad’s Guide To Getting It Together In The Mornings

Mornings aren’t always the best. Just as you’ve managed to get yourself off to sleep, and a good sleep at that, the alarm goes off. So, of course, you snooze and you keep on snoozing until you’re then forced to hurry the kids along in any way that you can and run out of the door before you’re late for work. And that’s never the best way to start your day.

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