Top 5 Surveillance Apps To Help You Keep An Eye On Your Kids

Top 5 Surveillance Apps To Help You Keep An Eye On Your Kids

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Studies show that over the last few decades every generation of kids is becoming harder to control by their parents. There are a lot of reasons why children are becoming more and more unruly, the biggest being the easy and widespread access to technology and the internet. 

The primary function of every parent in a child’s life is to provide them with guidance and care to help them grow up into productive adults. However, this can be hard to achieve when children become secretive about their activities and don’t let their parents in on what goes on in their lives.

If you have trouble bonding with your kid or if you feel like they are keeping secrets from you which can potentially land them into trouble then the best way to deal with your child is to keep a track on them. There are plenty of apps out there that can be installed on phones, tablets, and computers to monitor the activity of that device, we’re going to take a look at a few apps that are perfect for keeping tabs on your kid.

1. PhoneSheriff

The first app on our list is a basic program that lets you do a decent amount of spying through mobile phones, it’s also pretty cheap, a six month membership costs around $49 and provides you with features such as location tracking, SMS message viewing, call log viewing and access to the device’s contact lists. Unfortunately, PhoneSheriff isn’t able to access Facebook, Snapchat and WhatsApp, making its spying capabilities quite restricted, and the worst part about this app is that people have reported that the app occasionally sends notifications on the rigged device saying that the device is being monitored.

Overall, it’s an average app that is suitable for keeping a track on the user without having to spend too much money.

2. iKeymonitor

One of the most used elements of any phone or computer is its keyboard since it’s used to interact with the device in so many ways, iKeymonitor is a spying app that tracks and stores the keystrokes of a keyboard, storing texts, web searches, passwords and a lot more. It can tell a lot about how the device is used, and in what way, the app can also take screenshots at regular intervals and send detailed information logs to you via email, it costs $40 a month and is a pretty decent tool for spying on someone. The downside to this app is that it can only be installed on a phone that has been jailbreaked and it’s also pretty expensive.

3. Hum

When you give your teenage kid access to your car, they tend to go overboard at times and sometimes start abusing their new found freedom, if you wish to keep a track on your kid when they drive then Hum is a pretty good option. Hum is designed to be installed on a vehicle’s navigation system, and whenever it’s linked with a phone, it starts tracking the vehicle’s location, speed and gets alerts whenever it goes beyond boundaries. The app costs $15 a month and sends regular alerts to you about your car’s activity.

4. The One Spy

The next spy app takes things to the next level and allows users to listen in on phone calls and even record them, this app needs internet connectivity to function and can even take pictures and record videos through the phone’s camera. To activate the device’s camera all you need to do is send a secret text to the device. If you want to go full NSA on your kids, then this app might be just for you.

5. mSpy

The most popular mobile spying app out there is mSpy, it provides users with access to almost every kind of information on the targeted device, and it’s also easy to use. It can monitor messages, calls, contact information and every app on the phone, the basic version of the app costs $30 a month and needs jailbreak. However, there also exists a version that requires no jailbreak and costs $70. This app provides the best all in one spying package for both Android and for iOS devices.

These are some of the best apps out there for spying on your kids and keeping track of whatever they do through their phones, every app requires a certain amount of technical expertise to setup and use. You should also know that almost every app on this list needs to be installed on the targeted device and most of them require you to have the phone jailbreaked.

Lastly, you should tread carefully while spying on your kids as the action is pretty invasive and shows that the parent doesn’t trust their child. If you aren’t careful and get caught, then the damage dealt on your relationship with your child can be pretty significant. It’s better to think of spying apps as a last resort, and before turning to them, you should have a talk with your kid and see if things can be sorted out without taking extreme measures.

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