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Are You Paying Too Much For Your Mobile Phone?

If today, you audited your phone usage and found out how much you spend every month, you could fall into a comma. However, this doesn't have to happen. There are more than enough ways to save on your phone bills. The ways range from cheap to free services you can use to escape paying too much for your mobile phone. Here they are.

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Encouraging Your Children Away From Phones & TV

We all spend a little too long looking at screens. It’s inevitable, in a sense. So much of life is now found online. It is often the grumble of the older generation that people are now constantly looking at their phones, but there’s a good reason for that. Our entire lives can be on our phone...

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Top 5 Surveillance Apps To Help You Keep An Eye On Your Kids

Studies show that over the last few decades every generation of kids is becoming harder to control by their parents. There are a lot of reasons why children are becoming more and more unruly, the biggest being the easy and widespread access to technology and the internet...

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