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Going for Broke: A Tip to Lower Dad’s Cost For Cellular Services

If you use a cell phone in America, you can be sure that you spend more money on your service than any other person living outside of the US. While other technologies tend to decrease in price, mobile technologies are seeing an increase in cost as new hardware is brought to the market and new upgrades are made available. If you do your research, a SIM-only service may just be the cheapest way to go.

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Are You Paying Too Much For Your Mobile Phone?

If today, you audited your phone usage and found out how much you spend every month, you could fall into a comma. However, this doesn't have to happen. There are more than enough ways to save on your phone bills. The ways range from cheap to free services you can use to escape paying too much for your mobile phone. Here they are.

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Dad Accuses School of Putting Daughter At Risk By Confiscating Her Phone

An angry parent slammed his daughter's school for putting her safety at risk - by confiscating her mobile phone. Jim Tomlinson has sounded off after his 13-year-old daughter Elizabeth's phone was seized for three weeks after it went off in class.

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