Are You Paying Too Much For Your Mobile Phone?


If today, you audited your phone usage and found out how much you spend every month, you could fall into a comma. However, this doesn't have to happen. There are more than enough ways to save on your phone bills. The ways range from cheap to free services you can use to escape paying too much for your mobile phone. Here they are.


How Much Data do You Really Need?

You could either be in need of more data or you could be using too much data. Either way, you still need to know the right amount you need to avoid overspending or paying for underuse. To save yourself, find the right plan for all your data needs. Your plan should cover for only the data you require to accomplish your internet needs. A mobile app like Data Tracker can help you determine how you use your data so you can know how much your monthly bill should cost.


If you need to use a large amount of data most of the time, consider a better broadband service provider - go for the cheapest plan with a considerably higher amount of data offered. In most cases, prepaid carriers who use a major carriers’ network offer better deals. You can always check in with your internet carrier for promotions and deals waiting to be launched.


Skip Insurance Costs

You could be having a phone that is an older model, it might just turn out to be too costly to dish out extra money for monthly insurance payments. Before making any payments, it would be wise to know everything concerning insurance. Alternatively, You can insure your mobile phone under the home insurance policy or completely avoid insuring it if your phone is already paid in full.


Use Same Plans With Your Friends and Family

Most phone service providers will be happy to offer free in-network calls. They can also allow you to choose a group of in-network family or friends so you can make free calls. If you want to save big on this method, gather all the people you regularly call an involve them in that single plan.


Use Free Networking Apps

This is one of the best ways to avoid the costly international rates. Actually, there is no point of spending money for services you can get for free. You can get more mileage from your minutes if you make free calls using apps like Viber, and Skype Mobile. Apart from calls, you can also text and pictures for free with apps like Textfree and Heywire. All these apps are also free to get so you save even more on your mobile costs.


Keep Off Contracts

A lot of cellphone companies try their best to lure phone users into long-term contracts. They do this by promising you a free phone, but the downside is that you will be charged more as compared to when you would buy your own phone. It's not just a story, it is the reality so the best alternative is to buy your own phone. This way, you will be able to switch service providers if you feel you are paying more than enough.


Avoid Third-Party Charges

Third party services and apps are notorious for secretly increasing phone users` monthly costs. Buying games, ringtones, and other extra services which are unnecessary will only make you spend more money. The biggest problem with the third parties is that there are a lot of shady companies that are ever trying to track fraudulent charges to phone users` bills.

You might still need to use those third party services anyway, but you will need to be strict on your monthly bills. You should always carefully go over your bills to fish out the fishy charges. You can contact your provider to explain any funny charges, they can help you remove any unexplainable charges.


Avoid Making Toll-Free Calls With Your Phone

There is this thing that most people are not aware of, toll-free calls are not free if you call using a cell phone. Now that you know, save those calls - the 1-800 ones - for those moments when you have access to landline services. Those are the moments that you can sit back, relax and wait as you are put on hold on a call.