3 Simple Ways To Avoid Injuries When Moving House

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Are you moving home this spring? It is a time that every dad dreads, what seems like endless days of moving boxes around in the garage, lifting heavy furniture and using muscles that are more accustomed to opening the refrigerator. But, dads, the sad fact remains that in most households, as the big strong man in the house (so us dads all like to think anyway…)  the task of clearing out the attic or cellar, throwing old junk in the dumpster and getting your family’s possessions packed ready for a stressful move is going to fall on you.

This burst of activity is not only taxing on your mind, but most as us are unaccustomed to bending, stretching and lifting heavy irregular sized objects for hours a day, sometimes for days on end, it will take its toll on your body. So we are going to look at sensible ways to avoid injuries when moving home.


Plan like professional moving services- take simple precautions


It is a common phrase that “prevention is better than cure” – clearly appropriate here, as you will be anxious to get things in your moving schedule done, and maybe squeezing the moving process in-between your many work and family obligations. When you are tired and under pressure to get things done, you are more likely to make a rushed misjudgment and perhaps check just one more item off your list – maybe after 5 hours of packing all day, you’ll try to move that 300lb armoire by yourself at 11 o’clock at night, so you don’t have to worry about it in the morning?

Plan to move your heaviest and most awkward items earlier in the day, and in daylight when you are feeling refreshed and have more energy. Like we said, it’s easy to make mistakes when your mind and body start to give out. Careful preparation for your move is essential.

So the first rule is to not to let stresses and frustration get the better of you and try to speed things up without taking the correct safety precautions – it is not worth it and if you get hurt you’ll potentially place your move in peril.


Look after your body when moving


With all the hard labor ahead, it’s easy to overlook the fact that it is easy to injure yourself – so take these steps to protect yourself from:

1. Back injury

If you suffer from backache, the most common causes are having a weak back and tight hamstrings. It’s time to get in shape, so why not workout outside the box and try an online yoga and pilates workout  or two. You’ll find that even the strongest dad will find it challenging.

You’ll have a stronger core that will protect your back, and with greater flexibility you’ll be able to squat when picking up heavy weight (never bend at the waist when picking up heavy weights) If all else fails use a back brace, use a dolly, and try to make sure that you never pick up anything heavier than 50 pounds by yourself.

2. Muscle strains

Frankly, the best way to avoid muscle soreness and strains ( and medical bills) is to look for reliable moving services, and get professional assistance for your heavy lifting. Even if you are used to regular exercise and weights, the different positions and unbalanced furniture even loads place unusual strain on even well-conditioned bodies, let alone dad bods!

Make sure that your muscles are warmed up and that you stay within your lifting comfort zone. Use some furniture sliders, and use lifting straps, to lighten the load. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when moving.

3. Finger and toe injuries

It is just so easy to hurt your digits, especially when you are tired, and it is very easy to cut, scrape or even break fingers and toes. Always wear closed sports shoes or even better boots with a reinforced toe-cap, which have non-slip soles. Use protective gloves with a good grip, so that your fingers are protected and you don’t; lose control when lifting because of sweaty hands.

Something overlooked, if to clear pathways where you are moving items, to minimize the risk of tripping or trapping your hands against the walls and doorways!


Stay cool, cool down


Don’t just stop moving your body at the end of the day of moving, even though you are tired and want to rest. Before your body stars to cool down, you can save yourself a world of literal hurt by doing some simple stretching exercises for your hamstrings, neck, hips and shoulders.

So plan your move well in advance, include looking after your health and safety in the process, and you’ll be sure to have a safe move.