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Are You Suffering from Depression? How to be Sure

Not feeling happy isn’t the same feeling as being depressed. Depression is a term which is colloquially used by people to describe a bad week at work or the phase that they go through after a breakup with their beloved. But clinical depression or a major depressive disorder is something more complex. There are definite symptoms which determine whether or not it is sadness or depression.

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Healthy Ways To Relieve Stress As A Parent

Everyone experiences stress at different levels, but how it’s managed is what counts. Stress is an inevitable part of life, so it helps when you find a way to deal with it. When you’re a parent especially, you can feel as though you’re being pulled in every direction. The good news is that there are everyday things that you can do to manage stress. . Here are healthy ways that you can relieve stress as a parent.

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How To Become A Better Parent

Nothing in this world will be more important than your children. Their happiness and wellbeing will be your top priority. Yet, it is common for parents to feel as if they’re not providing their child with the best life possible. While you’re more than likely doing a fantastic job, you might want to learn how you can become the best mother or father to your children. If this is the case, read the following advice on how to become a better parent.

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