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How To Turn Your Words Into Your Power

It goes without saying that your words and thoughts can and do dictate how you feel at any given moment: happy, sad, inspired, stressed - you get my point. One morning I woke up. I thought of those words, and I had a realization, that I had been trying to push forward to make things happen with the passionate intention of trying to dig us out of a terrible situation. But this concept of ‘pushing forward’ really was weakening my power, instead it was causing anxiousness and stress.

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Are You Suffering from Depression? How to be Sure

Not feeling happy isn’t the same feeling as being depressed. Depression is a term which is colloquially used by people to describe a bad week at work or the phase that they go through after a breakup with their beloved. But clinical depression or a major depressive disorder is something more complex. There are definite symptoms which determine whether or not it is sadness or depression.

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