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A Look At Some Of The Best Ways To Lose A Dad Bod

The ‘Dad bod’ has become a pop culture expression for a body type that is somewhere in between lean and obese. Big names like Leonardo DiCaprio and Simon Cowell have brought the fad to public attention. Dad bods are named as such as they are said to be the result of a man becoming a father and...

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How To Arrange The Perfect Boys Night In Of Watching Sport

In an ideal world, all sports fans would love to attend every live event that they desire. However, it’s not always possible to make it to the stadium or arena. After all, watching live sport consumes both time and money. Thankfully, the wonders of television mean that you can...

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Great Sporting Events Dads Can Still Look Forward To This Year

Do you love sports? Did you think the year was over when the Olympics came to a close? Not so fast guys, there’s still plenty for the dads to look forward to. There are still going to be days where you’ll be desperately fighting for the remote and failing to claim it. That’s why we recommend you...

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