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Getting Kids Involved In Playing Sports

A lot of kids today are no longer interested in sports as a result of digital addiction. This is why dads need to step in to save the day. A lot of kids who lack physical activity have a high risk for obesity, studies have also shown that the grades of kids who are hooked with playing computer games or...

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From Dad Bod To Rad Bod: Ways To Get Fit And Healthy

We’ve all been there. That moment when you look in the mirror and gasp audibly at yourself. Or you catch sight of yourself with the biggest paunch you’ve had for a long while. It’s not good, but it’s sobering. You need to get back in shape, and not just for yourself...

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A Look At Some Of The Best Ways To Lose A Dad Bod

The ‘Dad bod’ has become a pop culture expression for a body type that is somewhere in between lean and obese. Big names like Leonardo DiCaprio and Simon Cowell have brought the fad to public attention. Dad bods are named as such as they are said to be the result of a man becoming a father and...

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